Please make sure you are connected to the right network ( Ethereum Mainnet) and the correct address. Please note: Once you make the purchase, you cannot undo this action. We have set the gas limit to 285000 for the contract to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you don't lower the gas limit.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support and celebrate each individual’s differences.
We stand for equity, diversity, and connection.
Unibunny also is committed to helping improve people’s lives
by giving back to the community.

What is Unibunny?

Unibunny is a collection of 9999 NFT created on the ethereum blockchain,
randomly generated from over 1.25 million unique options.
Unibunny is our avatar created to represent equality, connection, and kindness.
Our goal is to create different bunnies that can be cute, funny, and beautiful
and to also increase awareness of our community’s needs,
and to give it back by improving mental health awareness and
feeding the underserved populations.
Let's create a community of the good:)
We hope you can join us in transforming art into love.

9,999 Awesome Unibunnies.

Road Map


-Finish Website;

-Pre-launch giveaways;

-Launch date.

50% Sold

- 2% of primary sales will go as donations to underserved communities.

- Community exclusive Competitions NFT giveaways and Eth raffle.

100% Sold

- 4% of primary sales will go as donations to underserved communities.

- Unibunny merchandise giveaway;

- New Relationship with brands.

2nd Generation

We plan to bring the 2nd generation soon.

The Unibunny community will be involved.


How do I purchase Unibunny?

Once minting is live, you can connect your Metamask wallet and
collect up to 10 Unibunny in one transaction.
Make sure to have enough ETH to cover any extra gas costs and be careful not to be too slow,
once they're gone they're gone and your transaction might fail! Otherwise,
all Unibunnies are located on the Opensea Marketplace.

How do I join the community?

You can set your PFP with a Unibunny and follow us on the official Twitter account, Discord, and Instagram.

How are Unibunnies helping the community?

After 50% sold, we will start donating to underserved communities.
We will also give Eth and giveaways back to the Unibunny community.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. Each Unibunny NFT that you own is truly unique and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who Created Unibunny?

They were created by @saltea and conceptualized by a Licensed Mental Health professional.